Friday, March 14, 2014

I will love you in silence

First of all I want to say , I wrote this long ago , in fact, is perhaps one of the first poems I wrote. A few days ago , going through old papers , I found a worn and yellowed sheet , these words I thought I 'd forgotten , but I remembered the moment I read the first line, as I remembered the inspiration of departure , the name it bears saved , and the feeling of that first love that manages impossible to take away your breath .

I leave here : I will love you in silence

I will love you in silence
If I have to shut this feeling
If I have to swallow an "I love you"
Each time you pass by my side,
Every time I see you

I will love you in silence,
No one can change what I feel
In spite of your indifference ,
Although I do not want
Although the world is opposed ,
Simply , I love you

You are to me happiness
View your eyes is like looking at the sun with all its clarity ,
Your smile is melody
I'm glad life
And it helps me to confront
Step by step, day by day.

Silently I will love
I do not care ,
To me you will always be the cutest dream
That impossible dream ,
As the unreachable star shining in the sky
And although I want to touch it , I can not .

I will love you in silence,
Maybe someday discover what I feel ,
Maybe you can read in my eyes an I love ,
While I find the value that I have not now ,
Simply , I love you in silence.

I still miss ...

Missing you is already a kind of routine, part of my breathing and my heartbeat , as a permanent reminder that although I do not want to delete.
Missing you is perhaps my need to feel close , to hear your voice and feel your hand in mine again .
Al missing you back to the past, that past that was your smile, in your presence was my protection , and again I feel the love you gave me quite the way you , love you took for granted , and often knew no rating .

Missing you is my way of having you around , and to fill this absence with memories.
In miss my lonely hours passed , and the silence that only longs to hear again.
Missing you is this hopelessness bitter flavor, mourn is this time when you 're not with me , and miss the last days when you had your blessing and your coat.

A force attempt miss my heart keep you in every heartbeat, to see if , I carry with me and so I survive this gap.
Miss your laughter brings me back and greatness of the love that embraced me .
Miss you, but sometimes it hurts, it fills me , as my mind returned to your presence. So miss my exit, is proof of this love that you and I will stay saved even without being able to give it.

Missing you is my way of loving you today .
Missing you is this will tell you so many things, is this immense desire to hold me and tell me everything will be fine .
Missing you is close my eyes to find you in my dreams.
I know you're not , and I understand. I know that even in this absence your love will be with me and I accept it, but I can not stop missing you , for I feel that if I do not, I lose .

And this miss that grows a little more each day, keeps alive the feeling , and today , I try not to do it with sadness when I said goodbye , try every "I miss you " , is a fragment of the beautiful things to Share with you, and bring you to my days and make it so alive in my every minute, because while I missed not let you go ...